Memory Box

The first item that I have chosen for my memory box is my childhood stuffed animal that I named Cotton. Cotton is a white stuffed elephant and was given to me when I was five years old. Cotton is all white except for on his feet there are patches of gold silk. He has small black eyes and most of the stuffing has started to fall out of him. Cotton is the only toy that I still have from when I was little. I used to sleep with it every night when I was a little girl and I would take him with me wherever I went. The reason that he is so important to me is because he reminds of my childhood and especially the place that I grew up. I grew up oversees in Thailand and there, elephants are the national animals. Also, in Thailand, white elephants are said to be very special as the represent royalty and good luck. For this reason, my parents decided to give me cotton. They explained the significance to me when I was 5 years old and since then I have always cherished him and still keep him close to me when I go to sleep.

The second item that I have chosen for my memory box is a letter from my Dad. My Dad gave me this letter on my first day of college. I keep this letter hanging on a board next to my bed along with a collection of pictures of me and my friends and family. The reason that this letter is so special to me is because it is the only letter I have ever received from one of my parents and the message inside is very important to me. As I mentioned before, I grew up oversees in Thailand and as a result my parents couldn’t not make it to my orientation for college as they were still oversees and therefore, they sent me a letter instead. Going to college was one of the hardest things I had to do because my family was literally on the other side of the world. During my freshman year, when I would get homesick I would read the letter that my Dad wrote to me and it would bring back memories of my life in Bangkok and of the times spent with my family.

The third item that I have chosen for my memory box is my old letterman bag. It is a black back with gold trimming and has patches from 6 different south East Asian schools (Manila, Taipei, Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore and Malaysia). On the bag, there is a patch for each of the sports I played and the years during which I played them. The reason that I have chosen this item is because it reminds of one of my greatest high school memories. It reminds me of my last year playing varsity soccer and it reminds me of the time that we broke school history and won the Gold medal for the interscholastic association of south east Asian schools for the second year in a row. Also, this bag reminds me of all of the people I got to meet through traveling and all of the memories I shared with my teammates and the new people I met through traveling.

Looking back at the three items I have chosen, it seems as though all three of the items that I chose remind me of home and my memories of growing up oversees.


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