6 Worded Memoirs

1.) I’m gonna beat you there. Splat.

This 6-worded memoir is about my most embarrassing moment. I was with one of my best friends and we were getting ready to go to the gym when we saw two girls dressed in sports equipment in front of us also heading to the gym. Since there are a limited number of treadmills, I decided I was going to sprint ahead of the two other girls and beat them to the gym so that I could get the treadmills before them. I started sprinting in front of them and while I was running, my legs became really weak and I fell face down in the middle of the road right in front of everyone. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

2.) It must be an American thing.

The second memoir that I chose to include was about my best friend at Chapman. We both grew up oversees and last year was our first year living in the United States. We were both foreign to all of the rules and the slang that Americans use. Every time we didn’t understand a joke or a rule we would blame it on being foreign. Every time someone brings up something that we don’t understand we turn to each other and say “it must be an American thing” and we don’t get it because we didn’t grow up here. Our international backgrounds is what brought us together and this line has been an on going inside joke between us since we first became friends.

3.) It’s a black out and 100 degrees.

The third memoir that I chose to write about is about the time I took the SAT’s for the first time. The first time I took the SAT’s I was extremely nervous because it is the test that basically determines which school you go to and in turn your future. Thus, I was already really nervous when the test started and when we were about and hour in, the power went out. I was living in Bangkok at the time and it was about 100 degrees outside and pitch black. They made us wait for 15 minutes but when the power still didn’t turn back on, the proctors decided to light candles and give us each flash flights to continue the test. The worst part about it all though was the heat. There were about 200 hundred students sitting in a tiny room and all of us were dripping with sweat by the end of the four hours.


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