Observation Blog

The first person I observed was when I was standing in line at Jamba Juice. I was standing in line behind a girl who I believe to have been a freshman. She was wearing long blue leggings that had white snowflakes and glitter on them. She wore a plane black shirt and had a thick, fuzzy grey sweater that she wore on top of it. On her head, she wore a white fuzzy beanie that covered most of her curly brown hair.I thought that this was a pretty interesting choice of outfit considering the pretty warm temperature today. The girl had a very confused look on her face and was intently staring at all of the drink options on the board behind the register. When she got to the front of the line, the cashier looked down and said, “what can I get you?” I’m guessing she hadn’t quite decided yet because she hesitated and stumbled upon her answer. “uhhh, can I get the peach perfection” she finally whispered.

The second person that I observed was in the student union in AF while I was working on my homework. I was trying to knock out my last math homework assignment for the semester when a loud group of girls caught my attention. There were about six of them sitting in a circle on the couch across from me. They were talking about how stressed they were because of finals and one of them mentioned how “these next two weeks are gonna be hell”. They all agreed with this statement and each of them then began explaining all of the projects and assignments they had to get done. I learned that five of them were all in a group project together. The five that had the group project all left to go to the library to start on their project and there was only one girl left. The girl was wearing black yoga pants and a red chapman sweatshirt. On her feet she had black Nike running shoes and her hair blonde hair was tied back in a high ponytail on top of her head. As soon as all of her friends left, she looked around the room with a scared and lost expression on her face. Immediately, she dug around in her navy blue Jansport backpack and got out her cell phone and began texting away.


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